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Handy light weight tool for documenting projects. On this last project I’ve been running this tool over my prototypes and using that to help with some heavy lifting in my design documentation. Advertisements

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Generate XSD from .NET Class within IDE

Been using XSD.exe for years from the command line to generate XSD.  Recently I decided to add it to the Visual Studio IDE so I can simply click the class file in solution explorer and generate an XSD. Open Visual … Continue reading

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WireShark and HTTPS

So you’ve locked down your BizTalk web services with SSL and would like to do some tracing.  You’ll need two tools.  WireShark and OpenSSL.  OpenSSL will convert your binary PKCS12 private key to a text PEM certificate, which is required … Continue reading

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StresStimulus with BizTalk

StresStimulus is an add-on to Fiddler that I’ve used for quick and simple load testing in development on a few recent projects.  I use it to provide some rough metrics after tuning either my code or BizTalk.  Very handy.

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Online XSLT Test Tool

Logged here for future reference.  Handy online tool for testing out XSLT.

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TIP : Remove Trend Micro OfficeScan without uninstall password

If you don’t have access to the uninstall password for Trend Micro virus scanner then set the below DWORD to 1 in the registry. HKLM\Software\TrendMicro\PC-cillinNTCorp\CurrentVersion\Misc\AllowUninstall

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I’m working on another BizTalk project, this time integrating with JDE Enterprise One.  This tool has proved an invaluable debugging tool.

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