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Handy light weight tool for documenting projects. On this last project I’ve been running this tool over my prototypes and using that to help with some heavy lifting in my design documentation. Advertisements

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C# String to SByte[] to String

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Generate XSD from .NET Class within IDE

Been using XSD.exe for years from the command line to generate XSD.  Recently I decided to add it to the Visual Studio IDE so I can simply click the class file in solution explorer and generate an XSD. Open Visual … Continue reading

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C# Convert between Gregorian and JDE Dates

JDE supports a julian type date format counting days from the year 1900 in the format CYYDDD. Below are helpers that may be used when mapping to and from JDE. Convert Gregorian to JDE Julian Convert from JDE Julian to … Continue reading

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Query DB2 from .NET

Code snippet logged for future reference.  C# to connect to DB2. With a bit of caching code added this is handy to use from within a BizTalk map.

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Windows Server 2012 Enable GUI

Quick tip. I took a call from a developer today who had removed the .NET Framework 4.5 feature from a Windows Server 2012 development box.  After a reboot only a command prompt was visible.  When running SConfig there was no … Continue reading

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C# Unique Number

Simple method for generating a unique numeric string in C#, logged here for future reference. The source is pretty self explanatory, on each itieration test the length of the random number, generate a new single character number and append to … Continue reading

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