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BizTalk XPATHReader

Code snippet for using the XPATHReader in Microsoft.BizTalk.XPATHReader.dll.  You’ll find this assembly in the GAC on any BizTalk Server installation.  XML below is compatible with the XPATH’s in the PromoteContext method. Add the below code to a pipeline component then … Continue reading

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Streaming Get Message Type

Code snippet for grabbing the message type from an seekable stream.  Tip use the ReadOnlySeekableStream from the Microsoft.BizTalk.Streaming.dll.

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ESB Toolkit Management Portal Resubmit with Itinerary

Edit the MessageViewer.ascx.cs BindGrid method grabbing the itinerary from context and store in an invisible label for later use. Edit the ResubmitMessage method of MessageViewer.ascx.cs. Things to note is reading the itinerary from the label and then just deserializing it … Continue reading

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BizTalk Shrink Log Script

Sample script to get a dev/test env going again if you logs chew up the disk. Set recovery mode to simple of each db to cleanup and then shrink the log and set the reco very mode back to full.

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WCF Service ASP.NET Authorization Manager

Below sample using the System.ServiceModel ServiceAuthorizationManager and UrlAuthorizationModule from System.Web to provide IIS allow/deny authorization to a WCF Service. Add the below class, Register the service behavior in the web.config as below,

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WCF ASP.NET Authorization Manager for BizTalk

ASP.NET style IIS authorizations using allow/deny users config from web.config for a BizTalk generated WCF Service. Plug this service behaviour into the receive location. References System.ServiceModel.dll System.ServiceModel.Web.dll System.Web.dll Register the WCF Behavior Extension in the Framework and Framework64 machine.config.

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BizTalk Tip : Number of Orchestrations Tracking Data Query

Quick query to give number of orchestration instances over the last week. Grouped by orchestration name.

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