I’m a freelance technologist based in Melbourne Australia focusing on getting the most out of Microsoft technologies.  In past lives I’ve been involved with GIS, CRM, EAI/B2B and am now getting myself into SmartPhone development via Windows Phone 7.  I’ve also been known to kick around Amazon Web Services and Azure.

This blog is simply an overflow for my brain.  Somewhere to jot down all the little facts, tips, and experiences I come across every day in my life as a consultant.


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  1. vk says:

    I’m new to ESB toolkit 2.1. I created a messaging solution using BizTalk ESB Itinerary’s. My client asked me to send files using Blogical SFTP adapter, can you please help me out on How to Plug-in the SFTP adapter in ESBtoolKit 2.1.
    Do i have to write custom resolver to do this. If So can you please help me on providing some code samples and links.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi,

      I done exactly that about a year ago and have source code I can provide, so it’s been a while. From memory basically you’re going to have to write what’s called an adapter provider and a resolver. The resolver allowing you to provide custom properties as part of your itinerary which the adapter provider uses to populate the adapter specific context properties as the message is sent to the send port. You can also optionally write an itinerary extender which will allow you to interact with the Blogical SFTP adapter from the Visual Studio itinerary desginer. Without the itinerary extender you’ll need to manually edit the itinerary xml after you export it. I’m with a client at the moment but will put up a blog post with some source code you can use in the next few days.


  2. Vk says:

    Thank you so much mike!
    Appreciate you help.


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