Dangling Instances

As per this article dangling instances can be a problem when using BAM continuations to make discrete updates to a BAM record over receive location, orchestration, and send ports.

To get around this I use the “RemoveDanglingInstances” stored proc mentioned in the above article and then set it up as scheduled job.  The TSQL for the job step looking something like the below which purges all dangling active BAM records for the MessageEvent activity older than 24hrs.

DECLARE @ActivityName nvarchar(128)
DECLARE @ActivityId nvarchar(128)
DECLARE @DateThreshold datetime
DECLARE @NewTableExtension nvarchar(30)

SET @ActivityName = 'MessageEvent'
SET @DateThreshold = DATEADD(HOUR, -24, GETDATE())
SET @NewTableExtension = 'Dangling'

select @DateThreshold

EXECUTE @RC = [BAMPrimaryImport].[dbo].[RemoveDanglingInstances]
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