BizTalk Tip : Calling Rules from an Expression Shape

See below from an orchestration expression shape to call a BRE policy. Add a reference to the Microsoft.RuleEngine assembly which you will most likely find in :\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft BizTalk\Microsoft.RuleEngine.dll. In the below after calling the Policy.Execute method from an expression shape the OrderMetadata message will be updated. Notice the assignment of the typedXmlDocument variable. This allows us to call rules with untyped messages from within an orchestration.

temporaryXml = OrderMetadata.BodyPart;
typedXmlDocument = new Microsoft.RuleEngine.TypedXmlDocument("SysTalk.Integration.Orders.Schema.OrderMetadata", temporaryXml);
policy = new Microsoft.RuleEngine.Policy("Inbound_Orders");
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