BizTalk Tip : Can’t link custom functoid output to another functoid

When creating a new functoid and needing to connect the output of that functoid to the input of another functoid, take care in how you set the BaseFunctoid.Category field. Using various options including logical or unknown will result in a functoid that cannot link other functoid or can only link to specific types of functoids no matter what the OutputConnectionType is set to. The below code sets the BaseFunctoids.Category to field to FunctoidCategory.String allowing me to use my functoid output as input to scripting functoid, string functoids, etc etc etc.

 public class ContextFunctoid : BaseFunctoid
        public ContextFunctoid() : base()
            this.ID = 54007;
            this.SetupResourceAssembly("SysTalk.Integration.Functoids.ContextFunctoid.Resources", Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly());
            this.HasVariableInputs = true;
            this.SetExternalFunctionName(GetType().Assembly.FullName, "SysTalk.Integration.Functoids.ContextFunctoid", "GetProperty");
            this.Category = FunctoidCategory.String;
            this.OutputConnectionType = ConnectionType.All;

For more information,

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