BizTalk Tip : Flat File Error ‘Unexpected data found while looking for: \r\n’

If you using a positional flat file and getting an error similar to this when attempting to validate an instance try turning on early termination by setting the allow_early_termination attribute to true in your flat file schema.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<xs:schema xmlns="http://SampleCompany.Integration.BreakFileImport.BreakImportFile" xmlns:b="" targetNamespace="http://SampleCompany.Integration.BreakFileImport.BreakImportFile" xmlns:xs="">
      <b:schemaInfo standard="Flat File" root_reference="BreakImportRecord" default_pad_char=" " pad_char_type="char" count_positions_by_byte="false" parser_optimization="speed" lookahead_depth="3" suppress_empty_nodes="false" generate_empty_nodes="true" allow_early_termination="true"
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