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VMWare “Failed to Lock the File”

Tip, if you get this error when starting up a virtual machine then search for any files with a “.lck” extension in the VM folder.  Rename or delete then try again. Advertisements

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Handy little snippet for testing BizTalk HTTP receive locations.  Logged here for future reference.

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BizTalk with AppFabric

Awesome cast on “Microsoft application platform with BizTalk, Server AppFabric and Azure AppFabric”.  For BizTalkers and those familiar with Azure fast forward to 46:45 where Matt Talks about using BizTalk and AppFabric together with the .NET 4.0 WCF routing service.  … Continue reading

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Windows Server AppFabric Hello World

So I’ve been taking a look at BizTalk “lite”, a.k.a Windows Server AppFabric. 😉  Why?  Well lets face it, BizTalk Server is geared for throughput rather than low latency messaging.  So really any synchronous messaging scenarios requiring streamlined performance are … Continue reading

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AppFabric Monitoring Troubles

Logging here for my own future reference.  I had some trouble getting Windows Server AppFabric monitoring up and running this morning and the below article is gold.  Its a great check list.  Using this checklist I quickly tracked my problem … Continue reading

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Preview Azure Portal

Have to say I’m loving the new Azure portal we have in preview.  If I’m correct this is the third iteration of the portal and it just keeps getting better.  I really like the inductive UI approach Microsoft are going … Continue reading

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