Azure Foundation Event

I’m fresh from two days training at the “Azure Foundation” event hosted up at Microsoft Sydney.  We started out with an introduction to Azure, then into cloud services, storage services, SQL Database, diagnostics and monitoring, web sites, IaaS, ACS, and Service Bus.  We covered most of these topics at the “Azure Deep Dive” event but it was interesting to take a closer look at IaaS, service bus, monitoring, and ACS.  I’ve been neck deep in Azure Service Bus for a couple of weeks now so these sessions were very relevant.

I’m hoping Microsoft has a rethink on pricing before going live with IaaS.  Maybe this is a preview thing but currently we’re billed for compute hours on a virtual machine even if its shut down.  To avoid being billed we’re told to un-deploy the virtual machine.  We can suck the VHD back to storage services and then go through the clunky steps of bringing the virtual machine back online next time we need it.  Ugh, not good enough Microsoft.  Speaking to the AWS Melbourne user group organizer Rob Linton yesterday who assures me AWS only bills for a compute hours when a virtual machine is up and running.  If the virtual machine is stopped then we’re only charged for storage.  Microsoft won’t be in a competitive position with IaaS if they go live with there current “preview” billing model.  I’ll be watching closely to see what develops here.

The Azure Service Bus.  This is great tech.  I walked away from the foundation event with a heap of ideas.  I have some very cool use cases in mind that are directly applicable to a number of clients.  I’m itching to start coding.  I picked up some good tips on performance and tooling too.

So all in all a good event.  Now I would like to see an event solely focused on Azure patterns and practices.

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