Canon 600D Upgrade

The time has come to retire my trusty little Kodak ZD710.  The ZD710 has travelled with me everywhere.  I pimped it out with 52mm lens adapter, wide angle lens, and filters.  The ZD710 camera is light, cheap, robust, and in most situations takes very decent pics.  Resolution is low though by today’s standards and forget about low light photos.  Its a real Facebook machine.  The thing that constantly frustrated me with this camera was the lens adapter intruding on the frame.  I was constantly having to crop photos if I hadn’t zoomed enough.

Enter the Canon 600D which is my first DSLR.  I opted for an entry level 18-55mm lens kit.  I was going for the 1100D but after chatting to a few people decided the 600D with its the better CCD and higher resolution was a better move.  I guess with a bit of kit like this, my only excuse for crappy holiday pics is my lack of skill!

Next up in my travel technology refresh will be an ultrabook to replace my 7″ Asus eeePC.  I have my eyes on an Asus Aspire S3 with i7, 256GB solid state drive, and 8GB ram.  I see it as a nice compromise between a netbook and a notebook.

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