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Windows Phone Push with Windows Azure

Sharing just for the cool factor.  Check out this demo from Wade Wagner using his Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone to develop a push notification app in under 2 minutes! Advertisements

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Windows Azure Must Have Tools

The tooling integrated into Visual Studio with the Azure SDK 1.7 release is pretty slick, however I still find the below are must haves. “Azure Storage Explorer is a useful GUI tool for inspecting and altering the data in your … Continue reading

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Azure Foundation Event

I’m fresh from two days training at the “Azure Foundation” event hosted up at Microsoft Sydney.  We started out with an introduction to Azure, then into cloud services, storage services, SQL Database, diagnostics and monitoring, web sites, IaaS, ACS, and … Continue reading

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Azure Service Bus EAI & EDI Hello World

Grab yourself a copy of the Azure Service Bus EAI & EDI April Release.  At a minimum you’ll want and WindowsAzureServiceBusEAI-EDILabsSDK but also grab a copy of WindowsAzureServiceBusConnect while you’re there. First ensure Windows Server AppFabric is installed.  Then install the Windows … Continue reading

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Azure, Surface, WP8…

Does it get much better than this for a guy working on Microsoft technologies.  First up we get the Surface announcement on Monday, I’ll take a blue Surface Pro thanks.  Then today that’s backed up with an announcement on Windows Phone 8 which … Continue reading

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Windows Azure SDK June Release…

The service bus components are packaged in the “Windows Azure Libraries for .NET” which you can grab here and see release notes here.  We can now have a template that allows us to quickly create worker roles that interact with service … Continue reading

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Canon 600D Upgrade

The time has come to retire my trusty little Kodak ZD710.  The ZD710 has travelled with me everywhere.  I pimped it out with 52mm lens adapter, wide angle lens, and filters.  The ZD710 camera is light, cheap, robust, and in … Continue reading

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