Travel Tech

For the last few days I’ve been travelling around western Victoria, South Australia’s remote Flinders Ranges region, south west New South Wales, and before first light tomorrow I’m heading across Bass Strait for the remote wilds of Tasmania.  I travel light, very light.  The sum of my gear fits in a day pack.  My travel tech therefore must be compact and robust.  An Asus eeePC, LG Optimus 7, and ZD710 with adapter and lenses gets the job done.  Its turned out to be a bullet proof combo.  The eeePC is the 7″ version with ultra low power consumption and SD card for storage.  No worries about it getting knocked around.  The wireless access point feature of Windows Phone 7.5 makes life easy.  I also try to take a monitor cable with me as even cheap motel room TV’s usually have an input.  The ZD710 has its weaknesses but has turned out to be a good robust all rounder and with the help of a decent lens takes some good pics.

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