iBrick vs Windows Phone

I received a reminder on why I’m such a Windows Phone fan the other day and another excuse to loathe Apple products.  My friend Beth bought a used jail broken iPhone 3Gs for $100.  This iPhone was bricked hence the price tag.  So Beth made an appointment for a tech down at her local Apple store to take a look.  After waiting patiently for her appointment she was quickly and rudely told to go away.  Poor service.

I guess I was the next best thing/last hope.  Beth calls me in to take a look.  I plug it in, fire up iTunes and am told updates are being applied.  So far so good.  iTunes pulls down about 70MB of updates, as the progress bar approaches complete I cop a 1015 error stating the phone cannot be updated.  We try again and sure enough get the same error.  It looks like the iBrick is stuck in a recovery loop.  So I download Tiny Umbrella and attempt to kick it out of the recovery loop.  First I have to put the phone into DFU mode.  Now I’m not a Apple user but talk about a lesson in frustration.  Hold this button down for 10 seconds, then release quick and hold these two buttons down for 3 seconds.  What a PITA.  After an hour I finally got the hang of it and got it into DFU mode.  However Tiny Umbrella for some reason was still unable to help with the recovery loop.   By this stage I was ready to throw the iBrick at the wall.  I’d had enough.

I got Beth to get her money back, threw $80 her way and grabbed a Windows Phone off the shelf.  Yep, $180 delivered to my door for a brand new LG Optimus 7.  Much better than the old hobo spec 3Gs.  We plugged it in, Zune installed, then all the updates applied in order perfectly.  In around an hour the phone was all updated and ready to go.  I gave her a bit of a walk around the Phone showing off various features like the market place, how the tiles work, etc.  Beth likes it a lot.  Especially the tight integration with social media.  Beth found the Windows Phone wireless access point feature a bit special too.  She would have been stuck tethering via USB with the old 3Gs.  Now Beth can share her internet with up to five of her friends.

Apple iBrick fail, Windows Phone win!!!

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