BizTalk 360

I’m starting to take a look at the various web based BizTalk consoles out there.  First off the rank is BizTalk360.  I’ll also be looking at the BizTalk 2010 Web Admin Console up on Codeplex.  Back in the days of ESBG there was also a similar type of tool.  I’ll be looking into where that went aswell.

First thoughts on BizTalk360 are positive.  Nice SilverLight UI, easy to navigate, performs well, some good basic alerting, and integration with Message Box Viewer reports.  The kind of output BizTalk360 provides is pretty close to what I typically generate during a BizTalk health check for a client.  I setup gmail as the mail server and had automated reports firing out from my BizTalk Server in a number of minutes.

I only encountered a couple of install issues.  The installer set the IIS app pool to run as .NET 2.0, a quick change to .NET 4.0 fixed that.  Then I had issues with the SQL connection string being set to use SQL authentication instead of Windows Authentication.  This was a problem on both the UI and the alerts service.  The solution to the first problem was obvious enough and the solution to the second covered in the installation guide.

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