Windows Phone 7 Geotagging

Every now and again a technology that’s totally off my radar pops up and stimulates the creative juices.  The other day I was stuck in a hotel room in Melbourne Australia with nothing to do.  So I started browsing the Market Place on my WinPhone7.  I found a little free app called “PhotoMap”.  Like magic my photo library was mashed up with a map showing exactly where I’d taken my pics.  This is where Geotagging entered my field of view.

Windows Phone 7 uses the onboard GPS to embed location coordinates within images.  It can be turned on and off by going to settings->applications->pictures&camera.  You can also tell to phone to strip the location data from the image as its uploaded to SkyDrive.  Neat stuff.  The location data is stored within the exif header embedded within the jpg.

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