TechEd Australia 2011, my thoughts

Can’t beleive its been a few weeks since TechEd Australia 2011.  I’ve been in a whirlwind of BizTalk projects and product development.  So my thoughts on TechEd 2011.  There were positives and negatives.  I found it to be a very low key affair since my last attendance, when I was expecting this would be a big pumped up event.  Lots happening with Azure and Windows Phone 7, where was the pump.

I was most interested in the integration track but found sessions few and far between.  I didn’t even attend a session on the first day!  It wasn’t till the last day when I caught a good session by Bill Chesnut on the future of BizTalk and Azure middleware services.  Then off the back of that attended a great session on ALM and Azure.  Not the most exciting topic but great presentation with real advice I can use.

Seemed the event was put together on a shoe string budget.  I had to chat up a registration staffer to get an itinerary as they’d run out by the start of the first day.  No free red bull this year either.  My sights are set on bigger and better things in the form of PDC next year.

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