BizTalk Server and Managed Pipeline Mode

Quick tip.  Just came across an issue with basic authentication on a SOAP web service bound to a BizTalk SOAP receive location.  My sample client app was happily passing credentials to IIS, IIS was authenticating and passing back a 202(success) to the client.  However the worker process wasn’t passing the message on to BizTalk!!!!  The worker process just threw the message into oblivion whilst reporting success to the client.  Bad mojo.

Info on this is sparse but after a bit of debugging I got it working by tweaking the “Managed Pipeline Mode” on the app pool from “Integrated” to “Classic”.  Classic meaning it will run in IIS 6.0 mode.  There appears to be issues with Microsoft’s new IIS7.0+ unified processing model with integrated IIS and ASP.NET authentication and BizTalk.

When I find some spare time I’ll look a little deeper under the hood for the root cause of the issue.

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