ESB Toolkit UDDI3 SQL CompositeOperation

We had a requirement to pick up a flat file and map it into SQL.  Too easy.  We decided to use a “Composite Operation” via the WCF-Custom adapter using the SQL binding.  Basically the composite operation allows us to insert multiple records into SQL without debatching the flat file.  See this blog post from Thiago Almeida for background on how to go about this with “traditional” BizTalk.  This post will show the basic steps to configure a service within UDDI3 executed by the ESBT delivery agent.

Add a new service to the Microsoft.Practices.ESB provider

Add a binding to the service.  Note the format of the access point as per a typical BizTalk port

Add the Transport Type cateogry to the binding and ensure the key value is set to WCF-Custom

Add the below InstanceInfos to the binding

Set the InstanceInfos as follows

  • action = “{CompositeOperation}”
  • endpointconfig = “BindingType=sqlBinding”



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