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C# in

When adding a new post edit the new post in html mode.  Then add the sourcecode tags around the C# as below. It will look something like this. Advertisements

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C# UDDI Service by Service Key

Just a quick code snipet for future use.  Add the Microsoft.UDDI.dll to your project and use the below code to get a business service by service key.  The code then iterates through the TModelInstanceInfos looking for a specific key.

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Error : Taking ownership of this virtual machine failed

I had to do a hard reboot of a locked up machine this morning.  That machine running my virtuals under VM Player 3.1.3.  When I attempted to run one particular virtual I receive an error stating “Taking ownership of this … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 7 “NoDo” update success

Success!!! After receiving on my first attempt, then on my second attempt, my third attempt worked.  We went for coffee and came back as the phone was finishing its final reboot.  So about an hour to apply the update.  Now I … Continue reading

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Windows Phone Update Failed : C101007B

The saga continues.  Thinking possibly my satellite connection has too much latency for the Zune update service I attempt to update my WP7 phone from the office.  I install Zune on my work laptop, plug in the phone, after about … Continue reading

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Windows Phone Update Failed : 801811A5

Okay, I was reeeeeaaallly hoping my second WP7 update would go smoothly.  Especially seeing as the Mango is looming.  This is the cut n paste update and sadly so far it’s another fail.  Zune started checking for updates for me, after 1.5hrs … Continue reading

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BizTalk Server 2010 CRM 4.0 Adapter Installation

After never really having much to do with Dynamics all of the sudden in the past few weeks I’ve found myself almost exclusively working with clients using the Microsoft BizTalk Server Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 adapter.  Developing, troubleshooting, and deploying.  One particular scenario … Continue reading

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