LG Optimus 7 Tethering

Very cool, I just setup tethering via my LG Optimus 7 WP7 smartphone using a slightly unofficial technique. 😉  There are heaps of blogs around on this, I’m posting here for my own future reference.

  1. Install the drivers on the PC, laptop or in my case eeePC from here
  2. On the phone dial ##634#
  3. Go to the apps list and start the “MFG” app and enter the password 277634#*#
  4. Go to Engineer Menu -> Port Setting -> USB Switching and select QC Composite.  After a few seconds the phone will reboot.  Once rebooted plug the phone in via USB
  5. Now browse to the modem under windows device manager and select properties, then go to the advanced tab an add the following to Extra Initialization Commands.  Note I am an Australian Optus user,  +cgdcont=1,”ip”,”internet”
  6. Now go to Network Connections on the netbook and add a dial up connection with the number *99#.  User name and password are blank.

That’s it!  Too easy.  I wonder how long until this is offically released by Microsoft.

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3 Responses to LG Optimus 7 Tethering

  1. david somerville says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this – had found it very difficult to tether (still confused why a windows phone would be so difficult to connect to a windows computer….!) found the MFG info elsewhere but needed those last steps as an ozzy optus user. Again my thanks your post was very helpful and appreciated!

  2. Richard says:

    Michael – brilliant thanks needed the last step to sort out.

    I’m not experienced in this area so the following may be a bit obvious – but for anyone else trying to do this for UK Vodafone:
    * use “internet” as Michael has (not the network provider name as suggested elsewhere – at least not for voda)
    * go to Internet options (Internet tools first) to add the dial up option

    Apparently you just need to follow the process in reverse to get Zune to work (using MS composite where before you had selected QC composite, and going back into your phone to enable Data connection (settings/mobile network/slide data to on)…but i haven’t tried this yet. Does it work.


  3. Kieran says:

    Exactly as you’ve described, this phone is now a viable tool for me. Thanks for posting it.

    Was seriously considering continuing to use my 3 yr old Nokia e71 as my mobile phone because I couldn’t access the internet through my new LG Windows Phone.

    Seriosuly Microsoft, should be number 1 on your app development list to make a WiFi hotspot app

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