LG Optimus 7, the ultimate durability test!

I should also mention my smartphones recent misbehaviour may be related to an unplanned durability test it underwent last week.  I run around in a Nissan Navara dual cab ute and am in the bad habit of leaving my things on the back of the ute while I load up the back seat.  I entered onto a 6 lane hwy near a friends house and hear a ting ting ting sound.  It didn’t dawn on me until 5 minutes later that I had lost my phone.

I got back to the intersection and being peak traffic my phone had taken many hits, just as I arrived a dump truck with trailer ran over it.  So I rescued my poor new WP7 toy which had by now seperated in two with the back cover a few meters away, the touch screen face down on the hwy.  On inspection the phone was in almost perfect condition.  Windows Phone 7 still up and happily running, the back cover clipped back on, and the touch screen didn’t even have a scratch.  I have no scratch protector either.  My cheap little LG Optimus 7 smartphone has continued to function perfectly aside from yesterdays little hiccup.

Anyone prepared to volunteer an iPhone 4 for a comparison test. 😉

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2 Responses to LG Optimus 7, the ultimate durability test!

  1. leo says:

    that’s a nice share. Thanks so much, i switch my phone to LG product. Been looking this info to get myself convinced about the durability

  2. Same thing happened to me! My Optimus 7 was runover by a double decker bus!! Slight scratches on the windows key but other than that it looked like nothing happened! Compare this to a Nokia!!

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