LG Optimus 7 died then came back to life

I experienced some oddness on my new smartphone last night.  I noticed from time to time even though I had full 3G network coverage my internet was dropping out.  I was mucking around with tethering yesterday so in the back of my mind was hoping that had nothing to do with it.  Each time I rebooted the phone the internet came back up.  Being tired from a long day of BizTalking I figured I’d fix it tomorrow and go to bed. 

The phone was reading 3/4 battery but as I usually do I left the phone charging via the USB port on my eeePC.  At about 2am I awoke to the sound of new hardware detected dialog boxes.  My phone connected and disconnected from my eeePC about four times in short succession.  The phone then shut down and refused to boot.  Eventually a battery symbol displayed indicating the battery was dead flat.  Funny how all this weirdness started happening after the WP7 update I had the other day, I hope its coincidence.  I’d only been talking to someone the other day about Samsung users having their phones bricked by the very first WP7 update.

This morning when I got to work instead of using the USB charger I plugged in the power point charger and went for coffee.  While I was out the phone obviously got enough charge because it decided to boot itself!  On my return to the office I hear my phone screaming out its normal 6am wake up call, it now being past 7:30am.  Bargh!

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2 Responses to LG Optimus 7 died then came back to life

  1. Jon says:

    Im experiencing this right now… Ive had the phone since december and been using it without problem. I just did the march update a few days ago, and the phone dies while im playing a game without warning. Now it wont boot no matter what its plugged into. Hopefully it comes back like yours :S

  2. I had a similar issue with the FaceBook app crashing after getting the last WP7 update. I re-installed the app and haven’t had any more probs since.

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