Windows Phone 7 Update

First up I didn’t get the copy-paste update that I thought I was getting.  I got an “update to improve the update process”.  I received a notification on my handset the other day that I would get an update next time I hooked up to Zune.  So the next day I connected to Zune and indeed there was an update.  I was immediately told to reboot my machine which I did.  I then  attempted the update via Zune three times with it failing on step 1 of 9 each time.  I gave up, shut down, and went to bed.  This morning I booted up and plugged the mobile in, this time Zune seems to get an update and reboot, then I get new drivers, then the phone update process finally starts, my phone reboots twice and the update finally takes.

Kind of an ugly update process but nowhere near as ugly as others have seen.  I’m using an LG Optimus 7 handset.  Others using Samsung phones are experiencing corrupted firmware requiring recovery or worse still some phones are being bricked.  As in the phone is as useless as a brick and needs to be returned to the manufacturer.

So that’s two poor updates in two days.  First I get the really ugly Windows7 update that breaks my laptop and then go through a fairly ugly Windows Phone 7 update.  Another month until the Windows Phone 7 copy-paste update to be released.

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