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Integration Manager 2.1

I’ve been down in Melbourne, Australia for the past couple of weeks putting in some hours on a new version of Integration Manager which is an innovative product that strives to abstract the complexity of BizTalk and place the tools in the hands of business … Continue reading

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Amazon Web Services: Migrate your .NET Enterprise Application to the Amazon Cloud

One of my colleagues Rob Linton is putting the finishing touches on a book at the moment.  I’ve just started reading and its interesting stuff.  I’m very much a Microsoft guy and have done some preliminary proof of concept work on Microsoft’s Azure … Continue reading

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SharePoint Foundation 2010 with BizTalk Server 2010

Today was my chance to take a real look at SharePoint Foundation 2010.  I’ve got to say I like what I’m seeing but setting it up and getting it to work proved to be the best part of a days … Continue reading

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BizTalk Sharepoint Adapter : The request failed with an empty response

The BizTalk Sharepoint adapter will return a message “The request failed with an empty response” when the host instance is running under an account that hasn’t been added to the “Sharepoint Enabled Hosts” group.  Check the BizTalk configuration wizard Sharepoint … Continue reading

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Sharepoint Foundation 2010 and ‘System.ServiceModel.Activation.HttpModule’

Today I installed Sharepoint Foundation 2010 doing an in place upgrade on a WSS 3.0 environment.  After the upgrade I could no longer browse any web services or access an of the web applications.  A quick re-install of ASP.NET 4.0 … Continue reading

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HDTV on my eeePC

Nowadays I seem to travel a LOT.  I’ll be away for weeks at a time often with no direct access to basic things like TV or internet.  Solution, pimp out my netbook.  DVB-T HDTV is the latest edition.  I sourced … Continue reading

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LG Optimus 7 Tethering

Very cool, I just setup tethering via my LG Optimus 7 WP7 smartphone using a slightly unofficial technique. 😉  There are heaps of blogs around on this, I’m posting here for my own future reference. Install the drivers on the PC, laptop … Continue reading

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