sp_grantlogin failure on BizTalk configuration

One for the archives.  Today we had to join a development BizTalk environment built on Windows Server 2008 R2 hosted on VMWare to the domain.  The VM had been built with an underscore in the machine name which didn’t go down so well when we attempted to join the machine to the domain.  Ultimately we had to rename the computer name removing the underscore.

Instead of mucking around in the BizTalk databases we unconfigured all features then dropped the databases.  We then attempted to reconfigure at which point more or less everything failed.  The config logs were showing a failure from sp_GrantLogin stating that the various local BizTalk groups couldn’t be found.  I checked via the management console and the groups were there.  So I dropped the groups and manually recreated them then ran the config wizard again.  Again I received various SQL failures this time because the SID on the groups had changed. 

At this point I went to the SQL logins and dropped all the logins for the groups so the BizTalk config wizard could recreate them.  I then also dropped all the BizTalk groups again so the BizTalk config wizard could recreate them.  The next run of the BizTalk configuration wizard was successful.

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