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sp_grantlogin failure on BizTalk configuration

One for the archives.  Today we had to join a development BizTalk environment built on Windows Server 2008 R2 hosted on VMWare to the domain.  The VM had been built with an underscore in the machine name which didn’t go … Continue reading

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Microsoft UDDI Get All Services

Download the UDDI3 SDK here See SDK doco here Add a project reference to c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft UDDI Services\SDK\Microsoft.Uddi.dll Add the following sample code

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Microsoft.Practices.ESB.UDDIPublisher.exe Errors

Before running the ESBT UDDIPublisher be sure have SSL turned off on UDDI.  Its on by default.  Otherwise you’ll get an error that looks something like the below.  To disable SSL go to the UDDI Services Management Console, right mouse on the … Continue reading

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UDDI 3.0 BizTalk 2009 Config Wizard

This morning I installed UDDI 3.0 on my nice new clean BizTalk 2010 box for use with ESBT 2.1, download from here.  After installing I fire up the config wizard to be greeted with a BizTalk Server 2009.  Sure enough … Continue reading

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A potentially dangerous Request. Form value was detected from the client.

I’m porting a web service over to .NET 4.0 using Visual Studio 2010.  The service is untyped in that is accepts a string as input which is a blob of xml, the service then proceeds to do some custom validation … Continue reading

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ISV/Solution Partner Roadshow

Just received an invite for the ISV Roadshow down here in Melbourne.  Its a follow up event to the Azure discovery days which I attended late last year.  I registered for the roadshow in 2.1ns as the main topics up … Continue reading

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TFS Power Tools

Using the tf command line interface to undo another users checkout can be a real drag.  So today I installed TFS Power Tools for the first time.  Makes the job of an admin nice and simple.  Why these features aren’t in … Continue reading

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