WCF Adapter – The segment name is not valid

I’ve been working on a project for one of Australias leading logistics companies basically taking some fairly complex EDI documents, translating them into various IDOCS, then shunting them off to SAP.  No rocket science but the maps are quite complex and I have reverted to writing raw XSLT in a number of situations.  On one such scenario I receive the below obscure error stating that the segment didn’t exist in the IDOC.  The error was being throw from the WCF adapter not SAP.  After a bit of scratching around I found that I hadn’t ordered the XML appropriately in my custom XSLT which caused the WCF adapter grief.  I reordered my nodes in the order they appear within the generated IDOC schema and everything is good.  Simple fix…
Details:"Microsoft.ServiceModel.Channels.Common.XmlReaderParsingException: The segment name is not valid for the IDOCTYP, Release, or CIMTYP. Segment name: E2BPPARNR000   IDOCTYP: SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT201    Release: 700    CIMTYP:
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