Custom BizTalk Pipeline – (no properties in component)

Recently I’ve been out doing a bit of consulting work for one of Autralias largest logistics companies.  Pretty traditional stuff receiving inbound EDI docs, transforming them into SAP IDOCs, then doing the inverse on the way out.  I won’t go into detail but a couple of the interfaces required the development of a custom pipeline.  During unit testing the first thing I noticed was I could see the properties I had exposed onthe component from within Visual Studio but not from within the administration console.  When viewing the pipeline properties within the BizTalk administration console I would just see (no properties in component).
After going back and checking my code I noticed I had a defect in my IPropertyBagPersist.Save method which was causing an empty property bag o be serialized.  It appears viusal studio looks at the public members of the component where the administation console looks at the property bag.  After fixing my persistance code I was able to view and edit my properties within the BizTalk administration console.
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