ASP.NET Design Templates

A few months ago I purchased the title on a couple of properties in country Victoria to act as a test bed for private research projects.  So far I have a solar farm setup and have plans to plug in a wind farm soon.  I’ve been working on a project that will allow me to manage the property via a remote web based console.  A few of the features I plan to deliver are the ability to power down and power up certain devices like the irrigation system, check the real time operation of the solar farm, manually shut down the wind farm or at least check the turbines have stopped in gale conditions, monitor web cameras, and receive alerts using the motion sensing of those web cameras.

Most of this is in the conceptual or design phase but I have started prototyping certain components.  I’ve just spent a few moments hanging together a nice master page using the Microsoft design template starter kits that can be found here,

For the investment of five minutes I think the result is not bad at all,

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