I believe I have a new favourite SOAP tracing tool.  Recently I’ve been working on a service orientated solution built in accordance to the Application Architecture for .NET: Designing Applications and Services.  So basically that means an ASP.NET UI layer, service layer using the service facade pattern, business layer, data access layer, data layer, etc…

Inevitably throughout development and testing we encounter situations where we want to see exactly what is being sent between the UI and service layers.  Typically I use TCPTrace from PocketSOAP or alternatively SOAPTrace which is part of the SOAP SDK.  Not anymore.  Recently I stumbled across SOAPTrace.Net.  Just as with TCPTrace and SOAPTrace, SOAPTrace.Net acts as a proxy server capturing messages and passing them on.  My favourite feature would have to be replay.  I can replay any message or sequence of messages by simply right mousing on the message and hitting replay.  Great way to reproduce subtle errors.

Unlike TCPTrace or the Microsoft SOAPTrace full source code is supplied in C# so .NET code monkeys like yours truly can customise and add new features.

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