Windows Remote Shutdown

I run all my work on virtuals back at the office.  Often I’ll dial in via a VPN and do some work from home.  Just now I’ve gone to do some work and found that I couldn’t RDP to my virtual.  So I pinged it and all was good, then I remotely connected to the services and found terminal services had died.  After restarting the service still no joy.  I wasn’t going to make the 1.5hr round trip to the office on a Sunday night so decided to use the shutdown command that came out way back with Windows Server 2000.  Logging it here for future reference.
Simply enter the following,
Shutdown /f /r /m \\serverName
/f is to force shutdown and kill any apps that may be running.
/r is for restart
/m is for the target machine you want to shutdown
Beats driving into the office on a Sunday night!
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