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BizTalk Tip – Error 4 uninitialized dynamic port ”

Quick tip, ensure the address property on all dynamic send ports are set if you receive this error.  As below,   DeliveryPort(Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.Address) = address; Advertisements

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It was announced at TechEd USA a couple of months back that ESBG 2.0 would be supported by Microsoft.  With that means the development community loose access to the source code. Note the product has been renamed ESBT or BizTalk … Continue reading

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ESB Guidance Resolver Manager Bug

I found a couple of "interesting" lines of code down inside the ESBG 1.0 resolver manager today.  Along with other things the resolver manager sets the properties that are ultimately used to route messages via the delivery agent.  Do a … Continue reading

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Handy Tracing Tools

TCPTrace – My preferred tracing tool giving HTTP headers etc.  Easy to use.  Simply listen on a port, then bind to that port.  TCPTrace then just acts as a proxy passing on the HTTP messages and in the process displaying … Continue reading

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Windows Remote Shutdown

I run all my work on virtuals back at the office.  Often I’ll dial in via a VPN and do some work from home.  Just now I’ve gone to do some work and found that I couldn’t RDP to my virtual.  … Continue reading

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