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CodeSmith method return type void generated incorrectly

I wrote myself a stored procedure with dynamic SQL.  No rocket science involved.  Just a simple stored proc that strings up SQL and then used sqpExecuteSQL to being back some results into a temp table that I then select from.  … Continue reading

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.NET Tip – Mark Method as Deprecated

In recent months I’ve undertaken a significant amount of framework development as part of a large strategic investment in product development by my employer.  In releases both internal and external it’s hardly practical to just cut off functionality.  See below method marked … Continue reading

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MSI – Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file.

I was setting up a new ESBG machine today and ran into this problem.  I was administrator on the machine but was still being told I couldn’t access the file.  Apparently Windows XP Sp2 and Windows Server 2003 attach "zone … Continue reading

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BizTalk Tip – The black art of JIT orchestration debugging

This is an oldie but surprisingly not too many people are familiar with it.  Have you ever been in the situation where you wish you could step through orchestration shapes in Visual Studio.  Well this is what this tip is … Continue reading

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BizTalk Pipeline Type Initializer Error

I came across an interesting problem today that turned out to have the simplest of solutions.  We have a BizTalk Server app with two receive locations so trading partners can publish files to a file location or via a web service.  Those receive locations … Continue reading

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Quick Tip – Creating connection string

1.       Create a data link file by right mousing and create new text file giving it a UDL extension.  E.g. Test.udl2.       Double click the UDL file and tweak the options until your test connection works3.       Hit ok then open the … Continue reading

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BizTalk Duplicate Receive Locations

I found an interesting issue in BizTalk Server the other day.  If you try to setup two file receive locations looking at the same filesystem location the admin tool and BizTalkOM will stop you.  However, both will happily let you … Continue reading

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