Identifying BizTalk Hosts From Task Manager

Most efficiently configured BizTalk production environments will be running more than one host instance.  Trying to identify which btsntsvc.exe process matches which BizTalk host can be a little tricky.  We may need to do this if a host instance starts consuming excess memory/CPU or we suspect a memory leak.  I’ve seen administrators have hosts running under different service accounts for the sole reason of identification, I’ve also seen administrators systematically stop host instances until they nail down the process.  The simplest approach is to use tasklist.exe which displays a list of tasks along with there process id.
So first lets look at Task Manager to find the BizTalk processes that might be using excess memory or CPU. 
From Task Manager we can see we have two BizTalk hosts instances running.  One consuming around 34MB and the other around 28MB.  Task Manager tells us the process id for each host instance.  Now we use tasklist.exe to match these processes to the actual host instance.
So using the information we have gathered from the above we can say the BizTalkServerApplication host instance with process id 2556 is using around 34MB or memory and the SampleBizTalkHost with process id 3064 is using around 28MB.
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