Debugging BizTalk Maps

Who has ever had to debug the XSLT generated by a BizTalk map.  Well surprising I hadn’t the need until today.  I found this nice little feature in Visual Studio 2005 that lets us step through the XSLT of a BizTalk map. 

  • First right click on your map file and select "Validate Map".  This will compile the map into XSLT, the outputted XSL file will be displayed in the Visual Studio output window. 
  • Press ctrl+mouse click to open the XSL file in Visual Studio. 
  • Now right mouse on the XSL and select "View Source" from the menu.
  • Place you break points in the XSLT.
  • From the XML menu on the main Visual Studio toolbar select the "Debug XSLT" menu item.
  • When prompted supply an input file then step through the XSLT

Too easy!  In six easy steps we’re debugging a BizTalk map.

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