BizTalk and Enterprise Library

I’m writing a demo version of a framework for use with both BizTalk Server and traditional .NET applications.  I used CodeSmith to generate the data access layer of my framework which by default is using Enterprise Library 2.0.  Problem is the Enterprise Library assemblies aren’t signed.  Assemblies with some small exclusions need to reside in the GAC for BizTalk Server to use them.

I used the following steps to sign Enterprise Library and get my framework up and running.

  1. Download and install EntLib2.0 Patch 2554 Special Build.  Just overwrite your Enterprise Library source folder.  
  2. Open the Enterprise Library Visual Studio solution and add a key to each project then test compile.
  3. Run the BuildLibrary.bat and CopyAssemblies.bat located in the Enterprise Library root install folder.
  4. At this point the assemblies are signed and built.  I now regenerated my data access layer with CodeSmith.
  5. Go through each generated solution and replace all references to the unsigned Enterprise Library assemblies with references to the signed assemblies.
  6. Build and hey presto I can use my framework complete with signed Enterprise Library from BizTalk Server.
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One Response to BizTalk and Enterprise Library

  1. Rob Karatzas says:

    any updates for newer versions BizTalk 2013 and Enterprise Library v6?


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