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Debugging BizTalk Pipeline Components

I couldn’t be bothered writing a test harness like I have in the past to debug a pipeline component so I spent five minutes putting some extra tracing in my pipeline for run time debugging.  Then the obvious occurred to … Continue reading

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Debugging BizTalk Maps

Who has ever had to debug the XSLT generated by a BizTalk map.  Well surprising I hadn’t the need until today.  I found this nice little feature in Visual Studio 2005 that lets us step through the XSLT of a … Continue reading

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ESBG 2.0 CTP2 Release!

In my frenzy of consulting and day to day activities I totally missed the ESBG 2.0 CTP2 release on Janurary 15.  Find it here.  ESBG 2.0 CTP2  

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BizTalk and Enterprise Library

I’m writing a demo version of a framework for use with both BizTalk Server and traditional .NET applications.  I used CodeSmith to generate the data access layer of my framework which by default is using Enterprise Library 2.0.  Problem is … Continue reading

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BizTalk Rule Engine Update Service

This is an obvious one but I thought it worth mentioning as amongst other issues this held me up on a client site yesterday.  The client has wrapped the BizTalk rules framework in a web service that exposes specific policies.  … Continue reading

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Forcibly Install an MSI

Today I was working out at a client site and had to deal with a corrupt installer on a development environment.  The MSI package deployed, installed, configured, then started a windows service.  Somehow the install had been corrupted meaning I … Continue reading

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InfoPath Tip : InfoPath cannot save the following form

Quick tip.  If attempting to publish an InfoPath form under IIS as in "http://<Machine Name>/<Virtural Directory>/FileName.xsn" be sure to enable WebDav first.  Otherwise you’ll get an error as below.      

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