BizTalk Configuration Failed to Create Group

First time I had done a BizTalk Server install and configuration on a distributed environment in a while today.  We setup domain groups, made sure we had admin rights on both the BizTalk and SQL Server and then ran the install and configuration.  The first pass of the configuration wizard failed with an obscure error when creating the management database.  So we cleaned up the SQL Server by dropping the management database, gave everything the once over.  After not finding anything we decided to run the configuration wizard again in an attempt to gather more evidence.  This time the management database was created successfully but half way through creating the Mesasge box database the same obscure error occured.
This time I clued in that we may be having DTC issues.  Sure enough DTC wasn’t setup to allow remote connections on the SQL Server.  I’m sure this is the fix and will post back when done, just waiting for approval to make the change so I can finish the configuration.  Check out Installing and Configuring BizTalk Server in a Multicomputer Environment.doc 
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