Software Documentation Pack

Too often I walk into a software development shop and discover they have no or next to nothing in terms of documentation.  This was rather tragic for one such organisation I recently walked into who had a 100% staff turnover in their integration competency centre.  By the time I arrived nearly everyone who knew anything had left the organisation taking 100% of IP with them, nothing was documented.  Another side effect of no documentation for this organisation was no opportunity for review processes which led to some software quality and consistency issues.  In my short time there I prescibed an SDLC, a project management methodology that worked with that SDLC, and delivered a documentation pack for use with that SDLC and project management methodology.  This proved to at least in part stem the tide of lost intellectucal property and provide an opporunity to enhance software quality.
Some of the below document templates are organic and stem from past experience, others are hijacked from other various sources.  They’re more or less a base that can be refined to suit the needs of any documentation poor development shop I walk into.  Note they are orientated towards software integration projects.

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