BAM Discussion Document

One organistion I worked with a while back seemed to have a bit of a phobia of MSDN.  So basically I kicked off technology workshops which pretty much involved me condensing information into demonstrations on software development approaches and technologies.  Often those workshops would necessitate a primer in the form of a "techology whitepaper".  The one below is on BAM. 
This particular organisation I was working for would develop a new SQL database, use the SQL adapter to log events to these databases, and then develop a custom dashboard typically in ASP.NET for a UI.  Very expensive in terms of dollars for development and runtime performance and ultimately scalability of the environment.  When I asked why isn’t BAM being used it seemed to be the case that noone simply knew how to use it.  So I whacked together a quick primer and kicked off a demo.  The below document was designed to give the developers an idea of what I would be talking about.  For reliable information as always consult MSDN.

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