BizTalk Server Bug

Found a bug today whilst deploying a BizTalk Server solution.  Its easily reproducable.
Using the admin console deploy a solution that has two orchestrations, then apply a binding with one orchestration bound to a 32bit host and another that’s bound to a 64bit host.  Now go and start the application.  You’ll get a out of range exception thrown by the admin console.  You have to start the orchestrations one by one.  After starting all orchestrations individually if you restart the application it works fine. 
Its only on the first start of an application that has orchestrations running under both 64bit and 32 bit hosts.  Restarting the admin console does nothing.  Only a minor bug in what has proved to be a very solid product.
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2 Responses to BizTalk Server Bug

  1. Unknown says:

    We also had this problem. This happens when you are starting two orchestrations binded two different hosts, doesn\’t matter 32 or 64bit. Hotfix is available:
    Good luck,

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks for that.  I\’ll point our admin guys towards it.

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