A new toy.  I’m getting the .NET compact framework port for S60 up and running on the Symbian OS so I can hack some code.  Should be good fun for a while.  I expect I’m going to be fairly limited by what the compact framework can do for me so the next step will either be Java or possibly a bit of embedded C++.  I’ve joined Nokia developer forums and Red Five Labs so here we go.  If it turns out to be good fun I can probably pull a couple of contracts out of this.
The device is pretty cool and pretty much does everything.  Dual cameras including one panoramic camera, Symbian S60 OS, email and internet on 3G, bla, bla bla.  A burger with the lot basically.  The most fun feature is the GPS.  I would have preferred a device running the WinCE OS as I’m primarily a Microsoft contractor, but the GPS got me hooked. 
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